Vehicle Transport
In the Uk & Ireland

At SQ Sales and Transport Ltd we pride ourselves on

Being your trusted and dedicated transport solution provider

Whether you're transporting vehicles, goods, or personal belongings, we provide dependable solutions that bridge the gap between the UK and Ireland.


Vehicle Transport:

We specialise in transporting vehicles between Ireland and the UK or vice versa. Our experienced team ensures your vehicle's safe and timely journey, providing peace of mind whether you're relocating or selling your vehicle.

Orange and black Jeep on flatbed

Same Day

Collection & Delivery:

Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of swift transportation. With our same-day collection and delivery service, your items or vehicles are promptly picked up and delivered to their destination.

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At your fingertips:

We go the extra mile to simplify your shipping experience. You have the option to view items on your behalf and make payments, streamlining the purchasing and shipping process for your convenience.

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